12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2019 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    Answer any one of the following questions in 120 -150 words:   [6] [OD, 2019 SET - I]
    (a) Everybody during the last lesson was filled with regret. Comment.


    (a) The story, ?The Last Lesson? is set during the Franco-Prussian War when the French districts of Alsace and Lorraine passed into the hands of Prussia. The Prussian government then made the declaration that only German was to be taught in the schools in Alsace and Lorraine. This order affected the local public badly and each one of them was repenting for wasting time and not learning French. Each person in the class was filled with regret. The French language teacher, M. Hamel felt guilty for sending his students to complete his personal tasks. The parents of the students never bothered to send their children to class but instead preferred that the children work on the farm or at mills. Even the older people in the room like old Hauser, the former mayor, the former postman and other elders of the village showed regret on neither learning French themselves nor encouraging their children to learn the language.

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