12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2019 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    Abundance of advertisements in newspapers, magazines and even on television is a wastage of both time and money of readers and viewers. You are Shobha/Sameer. Write an article in 150 - 200 words on the topic, 'Excessive Use of Advertisements in Media'. [10] [OD, 2019 SET - I]
    An NGO, 'Health for All' organised a health check-up camp in a slum at Amritsar. You are Ruchika / Raunak, and you visited the camp. Write a report in 150-200 words covering arrangements such as registration, check-up, tests carried out, etc.


    EXCESSIVE USE OF ADVERTISEMENTS IN MEDIA By Shobha/Sameer, XII A Mark Twain once said, ?Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising?. Today?s media platforms contain more ads than the content itself and this applies to all form of media that we choose to entertain ourselves with. To the media, advertising is more profitable than the content they provide. Televisions today show more advertisements than the actual content and newspapers contain more ads per page than it does the actual information. Magazines are even more confusing, often giving articles that serve no purpose other than to convince the reader to buy the product advertised on the next page. These advertisements waste the money of those who have subscribed to the product or service for the sake of information. Furthermore, it is statistically shown that the advertisements make people believe that they are missing out on trends leading to excessive consumerism and materialism. Taking everything into account, it is important to note that reducing the amount of advertising present in the media might have a positive impact. Perhaps, the space allotted to advertisements can be kept as a percentage of information and content presented in order to ensure that the content takes precedence over the advertisements.
    HEALTH CHECK UP CAMP IN A SLUM By Ruchika/Raunak Amritsar, March 20XX: A health camp was organised in a slum in Amritsar by the NGO ?Health for All.? The camp was set up in such a way that each person who opted to get the health checkup first had to register at the counter by giving his name and age. Once the check-up was completed, the people were requested to submit the forms at the registration desk. Upon registration, the people were required to visit a general physician, a dentist, and an optometrist. Once the available doctors had examined them, the participants were required to get a blood test done. For most people tested, it was a basic work-up of their non-fasting blood sugar and other related tests. However, for those who suffered from other diseases, the doctors made a note of it in the form given to them, requesting specific tests be done to understand the severity of the condition. Financing for additional tests were also covered by the medical laboratories associated with the NGO. The results of these tests shall be available to the NGO in a few weeks? time and then the doctors and volunteers will return to the slum to treat or advice as necessary to the participants that require it. It was refreshing to see a huge turn-up for this eye-opening event.

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