12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2019 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    Read the passage given below carefully and answer the questions that follow:        [10]
    1. To live in harmony with oneself and the environment is the wish of every human. However, in modern times greater physical and emotional demands are constantly placed upon many areas of life. More and more people suffer from physical and mental tension such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, and there is an imbalance in physical activity and proper exercise. This is why methods and techniques for the attainment and improvement of health, as well as physical, mental and spiritual harmony, are of great importance, and Yoga meets this requirement.
    2. The word 'Yoga' originates from Sanskrit and means 'to join, to unite'. Yoga exercises have a holistic effect and bring body/mind, consciousness and soul into a balance. In this way Yoga assists us in coping with everyday demands, problems and worries. Yoga helps to develop a greater understanding of our self, the purpose of life and our relationship with God.
    3. On the spiritual path. Yoga leads us to supreme knowledge and eternal bliss in the union of the individual Self with the universal Self. Yoga is that supreme, cosmic principle. It is the light of life, the universal creative consciousness that is always awake and never sleeps, that always was, always is, always will be.
    4. Many thousands of years ago in India, Rishis (wise men and saints) explored nature and the eosmos in their meditations. They discovered the laws of the material and spiritual realms and gained an insight into the connection within the universe. They investigated the cosmic laws, the laws of nature and the elements, life on earth and the powers and energies at work in the universe - both in the external world and on a spiritual level. The unity of matter and energy, the origin of the universe and the effects of the elementary powers have been described and explained in the Vedas. Much of this knowledge has been rediscovered and confirmed by modem science.
    5. From these experiences and insight a far- reaching and comprehensive system known as Yoga originated and gave us valuable, practical instructions for the body, breathing,  concentration, relaxation and meditation. The system 'Yoga in Daily Life' is taught worldwide in Yoga Centres, Adult Education Centres, Health Institutions, Fitness and Sports Clubs, Rehabilitation Centres and Health Resorts. It is suitable for all age groups'the name itself indicates that Yoga can be and should be used 'in Daily Life'.
    6. The exercise levels have been worked out in consultation with doctors and physiotherapists and can therefore - with observation of the stated rules and precautions-be practiced independently at home by anyone. 'Yoga in Daily Life' is a holistic system, which means it takes into consideration not only the physical, but also the mental and spiritual aspects. Positive thinking, perseverance, discipline, orientation towards the Supreme, prayer as well as kindness and understanding form the way to Self-Knowledge and Self-Realisation.
    2.1       On the basis of your understanding of the above passage, make notes on it using headings and subheadings. Use recognizable   abbreviations   (wherever necessary - minimum four) and a format you consider suitable. Also supply an appropriate title to it. [5] [OD, 2019 SET - I]


    TITLE: YOGA IN DAILY LIFE 1. Need for Yoga Decreases mental and physical stress in daily life Attnt. and improv. of physical and mental health and spiritual harmony 2. Benefits of Yoga Bal. of body, mind, consciousness and soul Cope with daily probs. Supreme knwidg. of union of indvl. self and univ. self 3. Practice of Yoga Practical instructions for - body, breathing, concentration, relaxation, meditation Taught worldwide in Yoga Centres, Health Institutions, Rehabilitation Centres etc. 4. Yoga in daily life (i) Use of yoga daily for positivity in life (ii) Holistic system, considers physical, mental and spiritual aspects
    Key to abbreviations
    Attnt. Attainment
    Improv. Improvement
    Knwldg. Knowledge
    Indvl. Individual
    Bal. Balance
    Probs. Problems
    Univ. Universal

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