12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2019 Delhi Set-I

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    3. You have realized the necessity of education and financial independence of women for their family, society and in turn for the nation. Write a letter to the Editor, 'The National Times' highlighting your ideas on the importance of education of women leading to a better status for them. You are Tarun/Taruna, B-7/9, Mall Road, Delhi. (100-125 words)       [6] [2019 D SET - I]
    You bought a refrigerator two months ago from Mohan Sales, Ashok Vihar, Bangalore. It has developed certain problems regarding its functioning. Cooling has stopped and it is making a lot of noise. Write a letter of complaint to the Manager asking him for immediate repair/replacement of the same. You are Sachin/ Shashi, 61 Pratap Enclave, Bangalore. (100-125 words)


    B-7/9/ Mall Road Delhi 14th November, 20XX The Editor The National Times Delhi Subject: Importance of Education for Women Sir, Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to highlight the issue of women education in our country. Education plays a vital role in improving the socio-economic conditions of our nation and educating women holds an important position in this regard. Earlier, women?s education was forbidden in our society but today women are highly educated and qualified professionals and scholars. There are women judges, doctors, executives, entrepreneurs, engineers, pilots and sportspersons in the country today. Women are present in every walk of life, competing with men quite successfully and this is possible only because they are given proper education facilities and opportunities. They can prove to be productive for the welfare of the society as well as the country if their education is given due importance like their male counterparts. Today, women even provide financial support to their family also. It is said that a child?s first school is her/his home and for that purpose, the mother needs to be educated enough. This not only helps the child but also helps in improving women?s status and position in her family. For a developing country like India where women form half of the population, it?s important to educate women for the betterment of the their family, society and in turn for the nation. I hope my thoughts will persuade the people to act towards the betterment of women. Thanking You Yours faithfully Tarun/Taruna
    61, Pratap Enclave Bangalore 10th August, 20XX The Manager Mohan Sales, Ashok Vihar Bangalore Subject. : Complaint regarding defective refrigerator Sir, Two months ago, I purchased a double door five star Samsung refrigerator in the colour cherry red, model no. A 233408 vide cash memo no. 453, dated 10th June, 20XX from your showroom. I was extremely happy to have purchased such a branded product but to my utter disappointment, it has not been working properly for the past few days. Though for the first six weeks, it gave a trouble- free service but after that it started having problems. Its cooling has stopped and it makes a lot of noise too. Sometimes it even gives shock and gets heated quickly. Therefore, I request you to send your service engineer to check its functioning. In case if there is any serious technical fault, I would like you to replace it as it is under the warranty period. I hope you would do the needful. Thanking You Yours faithfully Sachin/Shashi

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