12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2015 Outside Delhi Set-II

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    Answer the following question in 120-150 words:
    How different from usual was the atmosphere at school on the day of the last lesson? (The Last Lesson) 
    How different is Jansie from Sophie?


    On usual days, when the school started there would be a huge bustle that could be heard out in the street. Sounds of desks being opened and closed and lessons repeated in unison could be heard. While repeating the lessons, students would put their hands on their ears for better understanding of their lessons and the sound of the teacher?s great ruler rapping on the last lesson, the school was as quiet as on a Sunday morning. The narrator saw his classmates already in their respective places and Mr. Hamel walking up and down holding the scary iron ruler under his arm. When the narrator felt frightened to enter the class Mr. Hamel kindly told him co quickly go to his place as they were about to begin the class without him. Moreover, he saw some villagers were sitting on the last benches.
    Though Jansie and Sophie were friends, Jansie was completely unlike Sophie. In the beginning of the chapter "Going places," when we find Sophie telling Jansie about her dream of having a boutique, Jansie, wearing an expression of doubt, tried to talk sense into Sophie by telling her that having a boutique required a good investment. When Sophie replied that she would manage to gather the sum, Jansie again revealed her practical mind by saying that it would take Sophie a long time to gather the required amount. She also told Sophie that she would not be made the manager straight away. This shows that Jansie had a fair idea about the hard truth of life, which Sophie lacked. She knew that both Sophie and she were destined to work in a biscuit factory and that Sophie?s dreams were just a wishful thinking.

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