12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2014 Delhi Set-I

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    Read the following and answer the question that follows:
    The story 'Deep Waters' has made you realise that with determination and perseverance one can accomplish the impossible. Write a paragraph in about 100 words on how a positive attitude and courage will aid you to achieve success in life.


                In the story ?Deep waters?, the author over comes his childhood fear of water through determination, perseverance and hard work. Thus, the story sends the message that with positive attitude and strength of will, one can accomplish everything in life. All of us are in the grip of fear. But fear, when conquered through courage, becomes victory which has its own charm. It might appear to be a long and arduous journey, but it will definitely culminate in success. Douglas improved himself and was able to develop into a full-fledged swimmer. It gave him a feeling of victory and achievement in the end.

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