12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2012 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    Answer the following in 125-150 words:
    Give an account of Gandhiji's efforts to secure justice for the poor Indigo sharecroppers of Champaran.


    Gandhiji went to Champaran to solve the poor sharecroppers? problems and their exploitation in the hands of British planters. He started collecting facts. Muzaffarpur?s lawyers gave him the details of the court case. The British Land lords as well as the commissioner did not co-operate with him. With the help of lawyers, Gandhiji collected the depositions by ten thousand peasants and other evidences were also gathered. He prepared documents and started investigations at the warfront in spite of protests from the landlords. He was even summoned by the Lieutenant Governor. After a long process, an official commission enquiry was set up to look into the reality of the matter. The enquiry collected many evidences against the British planters. Gandhiji was the only representative of the poor shareholders who had their comolete faith in him and Gandhiji was able to get justice for them. Finally, the landlord agreed to make 25 percent refunds to the peasants. The farmers were influenced by this and got courage to fight for their rights. Within years the planters gave up their possession and indigo sharecropping ended. The peasants became the owner of their lands.

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