12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2012 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    Dance, as shown in some reality shows on TV, seems to be a mix of Gymnastics and P.T. exercises. Actually it is neither. India has a rich tradition of classical and folk dances. Write an article in 150-200 words on the need to have a reality show exclusively based on Indian classical dances. You are Anu/Arun.
    You are Ajay/Anu, Head Boy/Girl of Kendriya vidyalava, Kanpur. You have seen some students of junior classes littering the school compound and verandahs with tiffin left-overs. It makes the school look unclean and untidy Write a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in the morning assembly, advising such students to keep the school neat and clean.


    DECLINING STANDARD OF DANCE SHOWS           By: Anu/Arun                         Dance reality shows, which are very popular nowadays, have lost their old charm due to decline in the standard of dance they are a mixture of Gymnastics and RT. exercises. The participant, of the Indian Reality shows like -'Dance India Dance', little-Champs, 'Nach Baliye', etc. receive special training on how to dance on the television but they do not touch the heights of Indian Classical Dance. It is our responsibility now to revive Indian Classical Dance. Classical dance forms have come from ancient dance discipline and it has a great cultural value in India. It is embedded with Indian tradition from the pro historic period. It has different forms in different states of India. Some of them are Kathakali, Bharat Natyam, Odissi Kuchipudi.                         The dance forms based on these should be shown on reality shows so as to make our modern generation acquaint with their tradition and culture. These dance forms also have a soothing effect on the behaviour, mind and the soul against the western dance which are aggressive and provocative. So, there is a ray of hope that one day the days of classical dance would return. Or                         Respected Principal, Worthy Teachers and My Dear Friends. Today I, Anu/Ajay, Head Girl/Boy of the school, am going to present my views on the 'Cleanliness.' Our country is also known as the 'Nation of Bapu', but we do not fulfil his dreams actually He was the man of principles and his main motto was to keep our country clean, but how many of us; follow the morals and ethics of Bapu In a way, by not following his principles, we are showing disrespect towards him. I'm saying this because yesterday, after the lunch break, I saw some of our junior friends littering the school compound, playground and verandahs with tiffin left-overs. Do you know that Ac filth scattered everywhere becomes the feeding place of flies and mosquitoes' This not only makes the school look dirty and unclean but also reflects one's personality and life. This is the place where we come to earn values and it is our moral duty to keep it clean. Even the government has started 'keep your city clean' campaign. So children, please cooperate and begin from your school.             In the end, I request all the students to make proper use of dustbins and keep your school neat and clean.             Thank you

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