12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2012 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    Write a letter to the station master, Anand, informing him about the loss of your suitcase which you realised only on alighting at Anand. You travelled by Navjivan express from Chennai to Anand. You are Priya/Prasad of 12, Kasuri Bai Street, Chennai-20.
    As a parent, write a letter to the Principal, ABC School Delhi, requesting him/her to grant your ward Akhil/Asha Arora, permission to attend the school two hours late for a month as he/she has to attend the coaching classes arranged by Sports Authority of India, on being selected for participation in National Swimming Championship.


    Priya,             12, Kasturi Bai Street,             Chennai-20             4th July, 20XX             The Station master.             Anand             Dear Sir,             Subject: Enquiry for the lost suitcase.                         I bring to your notice that I boarded the train Navjivan Express from Chennai to Anand on 1st July, 2014 after attending a seminar held by National Educational Conference in Chennai. I was travelling in Coach No C3-17. On reaching Anand, I realised that I have lost my suitcase somewhere in between. It is a ?Skybag? which is black m colour and contains papers related to educational conference. There is a tag hanging on the side with my name priya/Prasad written on it.             Kindly help in looking for it and inform me.             Yours faithfully             Priya/Prasad
    Akash Arora,             XYZ Colony,             Delhi.             17th August, 20XX             The Principal             ABC School,             Delhi.             Sir,             Subject: Permission to attend the school two hours late.                                     My son, Akhil Arora has been studying in your school in class IX; he is counted among the brilliant students of your school and has cleared the orientation cum selection camp of Junior Science Olympiad held at Mumbai. Apart from academics, he has also been selected for the National Swimming Championship which is going to be held in coming September. Therefore, he has to attend the coaching classes in the morning shift from 7 to 9 a.m. arranged by the Sports Authority of India. So, it is quite impossible for him to reach school on time. I humbly request you to grant him permission to attend the school two hours late for a month and I promise you that his studies won?t be affected at all and he would submit his work of all the subjects in time. I shall be highly obliged.             Thanking you,             Yours faithfully,             Akash Arora             (Father)

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