12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2012 Outside Delhi Set-I

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    Your school has recently arranged a musical night in the school auditorium. Write a report in 100-125 words on this programme, for your school magazine. You are Mahima/ Mahesh, Cultural Secretary of Vasant Vihar Public School, Itarsi. Invent the details.
    You witnessed a fire accident in a slum area near your colony on Saturday night. You were very much disturbed at the pathetic sight. Write a report in 100-125 words for your school magazine. You are Lakshmi/Lakshman, a student of P.D.K. International School, Madurai.


    MUSICAL NIGHT           Report By: Mahima/Mahesh             20th October, 20XX             Vasant Vihar Public School, Itarsi had arranged a musical night in the school auditorium last week. The chief guest of the function was none other than very popular singer Mr. Abhijeet. Our Principal, honorable Mr. M.P. Sharma welcomed him with bouquet and garland of roses. The auditorium was jam packed. The theme of the program was the fusion of the Indian and Western music. One could see the exuberant enthusiasm of the budding artists while performing. In the category of 10-15 years, the children grasped the attention of the audience most, as they played the musical instruments themselves and entertained the crowd with their line-up songs. The old songs caught the attention of the public more than the new ones. The function concluded with the song sung by Mr. Abhijeet on the demand of public.             Mahima /Mahesh (Cultural Secretary)             Vasant Vihar Public School, Itarsi`
    A FIRE ACCIDENT             Report By: Lakshmi/Lakshman             P.D.K. International School, Madurai             5th July, 20XX                         On Saturday night, I was busy doing my project work when suddenly I heard loud noise from nearby slum area. I could not resist the temptation to see and found a huge gathering outside. The fire was gulping everything it could and high flames and smoke had covered the whole sky. People were pouring buckets of water on the flames and fire. Some of the people were trapped in and were crying for help. Few of them were able to escape but their belongings were burnt. Two children could not tolerate the suffocating smoke and were succumbed to it. Two women and four children had already become unconscious and suffered severe burns. They were rushed to the hospital and fire could be controlled only after the arrival of the fire brigade. The scene was of complete disaster, nothing could be saved. It was found later that fire broke out due to short circuit in one of the nearby shops.

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