12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2012 Delhi Set-II

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    Answer the following in 125-150 words:
    Attempt a character sketch of Sophie as a woman who lives in her dreams.
    How did Douglas develop an aversion to water?


    Sophie is a young girl who always lives in a world of fantasy. She belongs to a lower middle class family. Like other adolescents, she too had dreams. She wants to own a boutique, become an actress, a fashion designer or a manager. She does not know where the money will come from for ail her dreams, she lives far from reality. Even her friend Jansie warns her but she is given to her wild thoughts. She ignores them all. No one shows interest in what she thinks, so she confides in her brother Geoff who is an introvert. She also likes Danny Casey, a young football player from Ireland. She always thinks of him. She even thinks that she has met him and he has promised to meet her again. She goes to the place where she expects to meet him but finding him nowhere, she feels disappointed. This way or thoughts keep hovering in her mind.
    Douglas was afraid of whaler since childhood. It happened so when he was four years old, he went to the beach with his father in California. The waves knocked him down and swept over him. He went down into the water and was out of breath. Again at the YMCA pool, a misadventure rook place. He was learning swimming there. A strong boy threw him in the deep water one day when he was sitting at the edge of the pool. Douglas slowly went to the bottom ot the pool in the same sitting position. He tried three times to come out of the water but failed. He was now in great panic. He was completely exhausted and his lungs were aching. Ultimately he fainted but was saved. This incident had a negative impact on him and fear of water stayed with him. He could not sleep or eat for many days and remained away from water.

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