Railways R.R.C. (Chennai) Solved Paper Held on 17-11-2013

  • question_answer What will be the length of the diagonal of that square plot whose area is equal to the area of rectangular plot of length 45 metres and breadth 40 metres?

    A) 42-5 Metres                   

    B) 60 Metres

    C) 1800 Metres                  

    D) 80 Metres

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Let side of a square = a meters Then, according to question, Area of a square = Area of rectangular plot \[{{a}^{2}}=45\times 40\] \[a=30\sqrt{2}\] Now, length of the diagonal of a square \[=a\sqrt{2}\] \[=30\sqrt{2}\times \sqrt{2}\] = 60 meters

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