Solved papers for Railways R.R.C. (Mumbai) Solved Paper Held on 17-11-2013

done R.R.C. (Mumbai) Solved Paper Held on 17-11-2013

  • question_answer1) Pulitzer Prize is given in which of the following fields?

    A) Peace

    B) Science

    C) Literature

    D) Journalism

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  • question_answer2) The ratio of ages of Rama and Meera is 4 : 3. The sum of their ages is 28. The ratio of their ages after 8 years will be?

    A) 6 : 5

    B) 5 : 4

    C) 7 : 3

    D) 5 : 3

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  • question_answer3) World Environment Day is observed on?

    A) 1st May

    B) 8th March

    C) 5th June

    D) 31st May

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  • question_answer4) Woolen clothes keeps us warm in winter because they?

    A) Do not allow heat of body to escape

    B) Prevent body from coming in contact with the cold outside

    C) Supply heat

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer5) Treaty of Purandhar was signed between?

    A) Raja Jaisingh?Raja Shivaji

    B) Adilshah?Raja Shivaji

    C) Raja Jaisingh?Raja Sambhaji

    D) Aurangajeb?Raja Shahaji

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  • question_answer6) ACEG : DFHJ : : QSUW : ?

    A) TVXZ

    B) TLMP

    C) MPQR

    D) TVYZ

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  • question_answer7) What is the maximum tenure of Chief Election Commissioner?

    A) 5 years

    B) 6 years

    C) Up to 65 years of age

    D) No limit on tenure

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  • question_answer8) 'Bahujan Samaj' social organisation established in Satara Maharashtra by?

    A) Mukundrao Patil

    B) Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil

    C) Nana Patil

    D) Mahatma Gandhi

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  • question_answer9) Mohini Attam is famous dance of......... state.

    A) Karnataka

    B) Tamilnadu

    C) Andhra Pradesh

    D) Kerala

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  • question_answer10) Who wrote a book 'Poverty and Un-British Rule in India'?

    A) R.C. Datta

    B) Raja Ram Mohan Roy

    C) Dadabhai Naoroji

    D) M.G. Ranade

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  • question_answer11) Which among the following is not included in the list of world heritage site by UNESCO?

    A) Ajanta Caves

    B) Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus

    C) Elephanta Caves

    D) Minakshi Temple

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  • question_answer12) The fourth state of matter is known as?

    A) Vapour

    B) Gas

    C) Ice

    D) Plasma

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  • question_answer13) The difference of two numbers is 5. The sum of two numbers is 45. These two numbers are?

    A) 20, 25

    B) 30, 35

    C) 15, 20

    D) 33, 12

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  • question_answer14) Koraba Coalfields are in?

    A) Maharashtra

    B) Bihar

    C) Madhya Pradesh

    D) Chhaitisgarh

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  • question_answer15) Which planet is called 'Red Planet'?

    A) Earth

    B) Jupiter

    C) Mars

    D) Mercury

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  • question_answer16) A chair is bought for Rs. 1,500, and sold at loss of 5%. Find out selling price?

    A) Rs. 1,400

    B) Rs. 1,410

    C) Rs. 1,425

    D) Rs. 1,422

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  • question_answer17) Who was the Gupta ruler to assume the title of 'Maharajadhiraja'?

    A) Samudragupta

    B) Chandragupta I

    C) Kumargupta III

    D) Chandragupta II

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  • question_answer18) Parliament meets generally for how many sessions?

    A) Two

    B) Three

    C) Four

    D) One

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  • question_answer19) Jhum the shifting agriculture finds in ......... state.

    A) UP

    B) Maharashtra

    C) Gujarat

    D) Assam

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  • question_answer20) Which one of the following is used in making Pencils?

    A) Graphite

    B) Charcoal

    C) Silicon

    D) Iron

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  • question_answer21) 'India in Slow Motion' book written by?

    A) Amitav Ghosh

    B) Salman Rashdie

    C) Mark Tully

    D) Deelip Padgaonkar

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  • question_answer22) Vardhaman Mahaveer was born at?

    A) Pataliputra

    B) Magadh

    C) Lumbini

    D) Kundagram

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  • question_answer23) What is 40% of 750?

    A) 240

    B) 300

    C) 350

    D) 400

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  • question_answer24) The surface area of a cube is 726 sq cm. Find the side of the cube?

    A) 12 cm

    B) 11 cm

    C) 9 cm

    D) 10 cm

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  • question_answer25) Who is known as father of periodic table?

    A) Rutherford

    B) Mendeleev

    C) Bohr

    D) Dalton

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  • question_answer26) All India Kisan Sabha was established in?

    A) 1926

    B) 1936

    C) 1905

    D) 1942

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  • question_answer27) What is the unit to measure the intensity of earth- quake?

    A) Centigrade

    B) Horsepower

    C) Richter

    D) Kelvin

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  • question_answer28) in?

    A) 1420

    B) 1501

    C) 1459

    D) 1498

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  • question_answer29) Who was revenue and Finance Minister in the Raja Shivaji's administration?

    A) Mukhya Pradhan

    B) Amatya

    C) Dabir

    D) Panditrao

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  • question_answer30) Mekong river flows through which of the following countries?

    A) Myanmar

    B) China

    C) Vietnam

    D) Thailand

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  • question_answer31) Braboume Cricket Stadium is located at?

    A) Chennai

    B) Delhi

    C) Kolkata

    D) Mumbai

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  • question_answer32) If the cost price of the 20 articles is equal to the selling price of 15 articles. Find out percentage profit?

    A) \[33\,\,\frac{1}{3}\]

    B) \[32\,\,\frac{4}{5}\]

    C) \[33\,\,\frac{1}{2}\]

    D) 32

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  • question_answer33) If the area of an equilateral triangle is \[4\sqrt{3}\,\,sq\,\,cm\]. find out length of each side?

    A) 4 cm

    B) \[4\sqrt{2}\,\,cm\]

    C) 3 cm

    D) \[3\sqrt{2}\,\,cm\]

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  • question_answer34) If the cost of 15 apples is Rs.75, find out the cost of 4 dozen apples?

    A) Rs. 300

    B) Rs. 310

    C) Rs. 220

    D) Rs. 240

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  • question_answer35) Which is the largest river of South India?

    A) Krishna

    B) Godavari

    C) Cauvery

    D) Ganga

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  • question_answer36) Where was the first iron and steel industry established?

    A) Bhadravati

    B) Calcutta

    C) Koraba

    D) Jamshedpur

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  • question_answer37) Bacteria which is found in the intestine of hurnai is?

    A) Corynebacterum diphtheric

    B) Bacillus antherosos

    C) Escherichia coli

    D) Vibrio cholerae

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  • question_answer38) Pawanar Ashram was founded by which one of the following?

    A) Vinoba Bhave

    B) Mahatma Gandhi

    C) Shri Aurobindo

    D) Swami Vivekananda

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  • question_answer39) Nathula Pass is in which state?

    A) Arunachal Pradesh

    B) Sikkim

    C) Himachal Pradesh

    D) Jammu and Kashmir

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  • question_answer40) Who succeeded to throne after Raja Sambhaji?

    A) Tarabai

    B) Rajaram

    C) Shahu

    D) Shivaji II

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  • question_answer41) Who is the Chairman of 12th Finance Commission?

    A) Dr. C. Rangarajan

    B) Dr. D. Subbarao

    C) Dr. Bimal Jalan

    D) Dr.Narendra Jadhav

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  • question_answer42) Santosh Trophy is related to which sport?

    A) Cricket

    B) Hockey

    C) Football

    D) Badminton

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  • question_answer43) Light year is the unit of?

    A) Intensity of light

    B) Speed of light

    C) Distance

    D) Time

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  • question_answer44) \[\frac{1212}{0.5}=6.06\times y\]then y is equal to ?

    A) 4.04

    B) 420

    C) 400

    D) 4.45

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  • question_answer45) Haresh and Gopi started together a business initial? With Rs. 14,200 and Rs.15,600 respectively. If total profits at the end of year is Rs. 74,500, what is cue Haresh's share in the profit?

    A) Rs. 36, 500

    B) Rs. 35,500

    C) Rs. 35, 000

    D) Rs. 36, 000

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  • question_answer46) Who among the following was Last Governor General and First Viceroy?

    A) Lord Lytton

    B) Lord Canning

    C) Lord lrwin

    D) Lord Rippon

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  • question_answer47) Who of the following was a contemporary of Alexander the Great?

    A) Ashoka

    B) Bridhratha

    C) Chandragupta Maurya

    D) Bindusara

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  • question_answer48) 1 micron =

    A) \[{{10}^{-3}}\]

    B) (b)\[{{10}^{-4}}\]

    C) \[{{10}^{-6}}\]

    D) \[{{10}^{-8}}\]

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  • question_answer49) Prarthana Samaj was founded by?

    A) G.G. Agarkar

    B) M.G. Ranade

    C) Rajaram Mohan Roy

    D) Dadaji Pandurang

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  • question_answer50) Shivsamudram falls is found in the course of which river?

    A) Cauvery

    B) Godavari

    C) Krishna

    D) Periyar

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  • question_answer51) Muslim League was established in?

    A) 1901

    B) 1906

    C) 1910

    D) 1915

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  • question_answer52) Who supported Indian National Congress treating it as a 'Safety Valve'?

    A) W.C. Bannerjee

    B) A.O. Hume

    C) Lord Dufferin

    D) Raja Ram Mohan Roy

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  • question_answer53) Who is the Prime Minister of Pakistan?

    A) Nawaz Sharif

    B) A. Zaradari

    C) Parvez Musharaf

    D) None of the above

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  • question_answer54) Hoover dam is on which of the following rivers?

    A) Mississippi

    B) St. Lawrence

    C) Columbia

    D) Colorado

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  • question_answer55) Which among the following is the poorest conductor of heat?

    A) Aluminium

    B) Lead

    C) Sodium

    D) Zinc

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  • question_answer56) Sant Dnyaneshwar who has done outstanding contribution to the varkari tradition. The Samadhi (Tomb) of sant Dnyaneshwar is at?

    A) Alandi

    B) Pandharpur

    C) Shirdi

    D) Kolhapur

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  • question_answer57) First Olympic games were held at Athens in the year of?

    A) 1888

    B) 1896

    C) 1902

    D) 1906

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  • question_answer58) In India how much percentage of land is covered by forest?

    A) 11

    B) 22

    C) 34

    D) 21

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  • question_answer59) Which of the following battles have said to be ended the Maratha Dynasty?

    A) First battle of Panipat

    B) Second battle of Panipat

    C) Third battle of Panipat

    D) None of the above

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  • question_answer60) What is Khetri in Rajasthan famous for?

    A) Coal mines

    B) Bauxite mines

    C) Iron ore

    D) Copper mines

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  • question_answer61) Anti superstition activist. Dr. Narendra Dabholkar, who devoted his life for that cause was assassinated at?

    A) Mumbai

    B) Pune

    C) Satara

    D) Nagpur

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  • question_answer62) In 1974 first atomic explosion was 'carried out at India.

    A) Jodhpur

    B) Tarapur

    C) Pokhran

    D) Junagarh

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  • question_answer63) \[\frac{\sqrt{24}+\sqrt{216}}{\sqrt{96}}=?\]

    A) 2

    B) \[2\sqrt{4}\]

    C) \[6\sqrt{2}\]

    D) \[\sqrt{6}\]

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  • question_answer64) Where is thyroid gland is located in human body?

    A) Near liver

    B) Above kidney

    C) In brain

    D) Near throat

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  • question_answer65) Who was the last independent Nawab of Bengal?

    A) Sirajuddaulah

    B) Mir Jafar

    C) Mir Kasim

    D) Najmuddaulah

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  • question_answer66) Selling price of an article is Rs. 2,220 and the percentage profit earned is 20%. What I cost price of the article?

    A) Rs. 1,890

    B) Rs. 1,850

    C) Rs. 1,760

    D) Rs. 1,740

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  • question_answer67) \[{{(22)}^{2}}+\sqrt{?}=516\]; find the value of question mark?

    A) 1,024

    B) 1,022

    C) 1,244

    D) 1,400

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  • question_answer68) Money Bill is introduced in ............ after recommendation of President.

    A) Lok Sabha

    B) Rajya sabha

    C) Either Rajya Sabha or Lok Sabha

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer69) TIKKA disease is related to which crop?

    A) Groundnut

    B) Paddy

    C) Mustard

    D) Jowar

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  • question_answer70) Which among the following is not the radio-active material?

    A) Cadmium

    B) Thorium

    C) Uranium

    D) Radium

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  • question_answer71) Which is the biggest planet of the solar system?

    A) Earth

    B) Jupiter

    C) Mars

    D) Venus

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  • question_answer72) Which state has smallest land area?

    A) Sikkim

    B) Pondicheery

    C) Nagaland

    D) Goa

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  • question_answer73) A number whose 5th part increased by 4 is equal to its 4th part reduced by 10. What is that number?

    A) 280

    B) 260

    C) 240

    D) 275

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  • question_answer74) Jim Corbett National Park is located in?

    A) Uttarakhand

    B) Bihar

    C) Jammu and Kashmir

    D) Uttar Pradesh

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  • question_answer75) Koyana hydroelectric project is in which state?

    A) Tamilnadu

    B) Rajasthan

    C) Maharashtra

    D) Karnataka

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  • question_answer76) How many members are nominated by the President to Rajya Sabha?

    A) 10

    B) 8

    C) 12

    D) 14

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  • question_answer77) Which of the following is the source of Protein?

    A) Wheat

    B) Potato

    C) Tomato

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer78) Who has held concept at Srinagar in the month of September this year?

    A) Pt. Jasraj

    B) Lata Mangeshkar

    C) Zubin Mehta

    D) Rahaman

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  • question_answer79) The population of town has increased from 133575 to 140254. The percentage increase in population is?

    A) 6

    B) 5

    C) 4

    D) 3-5

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  • question_answer80) A liquid drop tends to assume a spherical shape because of?

    A) Gravity of earth

    B) Viscosity

    C) Surface tension

    D) Elastic force

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  • question_answer81) Sant Eknath who was pioneer devotee of lord Vitthal belongs to which place?

    A) Pandharpur

    B) Paithan

    C) Alandi

    D) Jalna

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  • question_answer82) Which among the following where mangrove forest found?

    A) Siwaliks

    B) Shillong

    C) West Bengal

    D) Nilgiris

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  • question_answer83) Where was the first session of Indian National Congress held?

    A) Surat

    B) Calcutta

    C) Delhi

    D) Bombay (Mumbai)

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  • question_answer84) Wainganga and Indravati are tributaries of?

    A) Krishna

    B) Ganga

    C) Cauvery

    D) Godavari

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  • question_answer85) Prestigious Jnanpith Award for year 2012 is received by?

    A) Vinda Karandikar

    B) Ravuri Bharadwaja

    C) Mahasweta Devi

    D) R. Karanth

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  • question_answer86) Which among the following is the important ore for iron?

    A) Pitchblende

    B) Haematite

    C) Galena

    D) Bauxite

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  • question_answer87) PARAM computer was developed by which among the following?

    A) IIT Kozikode

    B) BITS Pilani

    C) C-DACPune

    D) IIT Kanpur

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  • question_answer88) India is largest producer of?

    A) Mica

    B) Iron

    C) Copper

    D) Bauxite

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  • question_answer89) The ratio of length and breadth of a rectangle is f 3. If length is 8 m more than breadth find the area rectangle.

    A) \[250\,\,{{m}^{2}}\]

    B) \[300\,\,{{m}^{2}}\]

    C) \[210\,\,{{m}^{2}}\]

    D) \[240\,\,{{m}^{2}}\]

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  • question_answer90) Find the missing term in the series 2, 8, 64,\[\underline{\,\,\,\,?\,\,\,\,}\], 12288.

    A) 884

    B) 743

    C) 768

    D) 784

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  • question_answer91) When blue litmus paper dipped into which of the following solutions converted into red?

    A) alkali

    B) acid

    C) salt

    D) water

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  • question_answer92) McMahon line demarcates boundary between?

    A) India-Myanmar

    B) India-Bhutan

    C) India-China

    D) India-Pakistan

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  • question_answer93) In Computer, Key board is .........Device.

    A) Main processing

    B) Input

    C) Output

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer94) Which of the following lakes are in Jammu and Kashmir?

    A) Chilika

    B) Dal

    C) Sambhar

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer95) Tamilnadu coast gets most of its rainfall during?

    A) Oct. ? Nov.

    B) July ? Aug.

    C) Dec ? Jan.

    D) April ? May

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  • question_answer96) Which of the following is the farthest planet to the earth?

    A) Mercury

    B) Earth

    C) Neptune

    D) Mars

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  • question_answer97) How many players are in each team of Basketball while playing?

    A) 5

    B) 8

    C) 11

    D) 15

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  • question_answer98) Find the each interior angle of Pentagon?

    A) \[120{}^\circ \]

    B) \[130{}^\circ \]

    C) \[108{}^\circ \]

    D) \[102{}^\circ \]

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  • question_answer99) \[880~\times 439+880\times ~321=?\]

    A) 886620

    B) 688600

    C) 668820

    D) 668800

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  • question_answer100) Asian Hockey Championship Trophy which was held in December 2012 was won by?

    A) India

    B) Pakistan

    C) Bangladesh

    D) South Korea

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