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done AIEEE Solved Paper-2010

  • question_answer1) Directions Q. No. 1 are based on the following paragraph. An initially parallel cylindrical beam travels in a medium of refractive index \[\mu (I)={{\mu }_{0}}+{{\mu }_{2}}I,\] where \[{{\mu }_{0}}\] and \[{{\mu }_{2}}\] are positive constants and \[I\] is the intensity of the light beam. The intensity of the beam is decreasing with increasing radius. The initial shape of the wavefront of the beam is -     AIEEE  Solved  Paper-2010

    A) planar

    B) convex

    C) concave

    D) convex near the axis and concave near the periphery

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AIEEE Solved Paper-2010
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