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done JEE Main Solved Paper-2016

  • question_answer1) A combination of capacitors is set up as shown in the figure. The magnitude of the electric field, due to a point charge Q (having a charge equal to the sum of the charges on the \[4\mu F\] and \[9\mu F\]capacitors), at a point 30 m from it , would equal: [JEE Main Solved Paper-2016 ]

    A)  480 N/C                              

    B) 240 N/C

    C) 360 N/C                               

    D) 420 N/C

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  • question_answer2) The region between two concentric spheres of radii 'a' and 'b', respectively (see figure), has volume charge density \[\rho =\frac{A}{r},\]where A is a constant and r is the distance from the centre. At the centre of the spheres is a point charge Q. The value of A such that the electric field in the region between the spheres will be constant, is :- [JEE Main Solved Paper-2016 ]

    A) \[\frac{2Q}{\pi {{a}^{2}}}\]                                          

    B) \[\frac{Q}{2\pi {{a}^{2}}}\]

    C) \[\frac{Q}{2\pi ({{b}^{2}}-{{a}^{2}})}\]                   

    D) \[\frac{2Q}{\pi ({{a}^{2}}-{{b}^{2}})}\]

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