Solved papers for JEE Main & Advanced AIEEE Solved Paper-2002

done AIEEE Solved Paper-2002

  • question_answer1) The inductance between A and D is              AIEEE  Solved  Paper-2002    

    A) 3.66 H                    

    B) 9 H                            

    C) 0.66 H                

    D) 1 H

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  • question_answer2) If in a circular coil A of radius R, current j is flowing and in another coil B of radius 2 R, a current 2 i is flowing, then the ratio of the magnetic fields, \[{{B}_{A}}\] and \[{{B}_{B}}\] produced by them will be   AIEEE  Solved  Paper-2002

    A) 1

    B)                                           2                                

    C)           \[1/2\]                    

    D)           4

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  • question_answer3) In a transformer, number of turns in the primary are 140 and that in the secondary are 280. If current in primary is 4 A, then that in the secondary is AIEEE  Solved  Paper-2002

    A) 4 A            

    B)                           2 A  

    C)           6 A                            

    D)           10 A

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  • question_answer4) Wires 1 and 2 carrying currents, \[{{i}_{1}}\] and \[{{i}_{2}}\] respectively are inclined at an angle \[\theta \] to each other. What is the force on a small element dl of wire 2 at a distance r from wire 1 (as shown in figure) due to the magnetic field of wire 1?                             AIEEE  Solved  Paper-2002

    A) \[\frac{{{\mu }_{0}}}{2\pi r}{{i}_{1}}{{i}_{2}}\,dl\tan \theta \]         

    B) \[\frac{{{\mu }_{0}}}{2\pi r}{{i}_{1}}{{i}_{2}}\,dl\sin \theta \]

    C)           \[\frac{{{\mu }_{0}}}{2\pi r}{{i}_{1}}{{i}_{2}}\,dl\cos \theta \] 

    D)          \[\frac{{{\mu }_{0}}}{2\pi r}{{i}_{1}}{{i}_{2}}\,dl\sin \theta \]

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  • question_answer5) A conducting square loop of side L and resistance R moves in its plane with a uniform velocity v perpendicular to one of its sides. A magnetic induction B constant in time and space, pointing perpendicular and into the plane at the loop exist everywhere with half the loop outside the field, as shown in figure. The induced emf is                AIEEE  Solved  Paper-2002

    A) zero             

    B)                           \[RvB\]

    C) \[\frac{vBL}{R}\]                                 

    D) \[vBL\]

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