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done AIEEE Solved Paper-2011

  • question_answer1) Consider 5 independent Bernoulli?s trials each with probability of success \[\rho \]. If the probability of at least one failure is greater than or equal to \[\frac{31}{32}\], then \[\rho \] lies in the interval.   AIEEE  Solved  Paper-2011

    A) \[\left( \frac{11}{12},1 \right]\]                    

    B) \[\left( \frac{1}{2},\frac{3}{4} \right]\]

    C) \[\left( \frac{3}{4},\frac{11}{12} \right]\]                 

    D) \[\left[ 0,\frac{1}{2} \right]\]

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  • question_answer2) If C and D are two events such that \[C\subset D\] and \[P(D)\ne 0\], then the correct statement among the following is.   AIEEE  Solved  Paper-2011

    A) \[P(C|D)=\frac{P(D)}{P(C)}\]        

    B) \[P(C|D)=P(C)\]

    C) \[P(C|D)\ge P(C)\]            

    D) \[P(C|D)<P(C)\]

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