CLAT CLAT Solved Paper-2010

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    Directions From the four answers given, shade the appropriate answer in the space provided for it on the OW Answer Sheet.
    Three friend shard the cost of a television If Amit, Bharat and Dinesh each paid Rs 1200, Rs 300 and 1800 respectively, then Dinesh paid what per cent of the total cost?

    A) 10%                            

    B) 20%

    C) 30%                            

    D) 40%

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Ans.     Total cost of television = Rs (1200 + 3000 + 1800) = Rs 6000 Amount paid by Dinesh = Rs 1800 Percentage amount paid by Dinesh \[=\frac{1800}{6000}\times 100=30%\]


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