CLAT CLAT Solved Paper-2010

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    Directions (Q. Nos. 175-177) Read the following information carefully to answer the questions that follow. Anita is the niece of Prateek's Mother. Amta's Mother is Prateek's aunt. Rohan is Anita's mother's brother. Rohan's mother is Amta's grandmother. Anita and Prateek are cousins then Rohan is Anita's Maternal Uncle
    Rohan's mother is ____ to Anita's mother

    A) Aunt               

    B) Mother

    C) No relation                  

    D) Sister

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Ans.    Rohan is the brother of Anita's mother. So, Rohan's mother will be mother of Anita's mother.


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