Solved papers for Banking Computers SBI Probationary Officer Exam Held on 29-06-2014

done SBI Probationary Officer Exam Held on 29-06-2014

  • question_answer1) Which of the following is not a part of storage in the computer?

    A) ROM

    B) RAM

    C) Hard Disk

    D) Floppy Disk

    E) Plotter

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  • question_answer2) Which of the following is the most important internal storage of a computer?

    A) Floppy Disk

    B) Hard Drive

    C) Pen Drive

    D) CD-ROM

    E) None of these

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  • question_answer3) _____ bytes are equal to 1 MB.

    A) 10

    B) 128

    C) 512

    D) 1024

    E) 10000

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  • question_answer4) How many bit is equal to 1 byte?

    A) 2

    B) 4

    C) 6

    D) 8

    E) 10

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  • question_answer5) Which of the following correctly explains a compiler?

    A) Language Translator

    B) Input, device

    C) A program that transforms source code

    D) Output device

    E) Media Player of Apple

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  • question_answer6) In computing, global environment is

    A) Export environment

    B) Consumer environment

    C) Import environment

    D) Static variables environment

    E) None of these

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  • question_answer7) In computing, which term refers to a pre-designed document that already has coordinating fonts, a layout, and a background?

    A) Guides

    B) Anchor objects

    C) Scripts

    D) Grids

    E) Templates

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  • question_answer8) Housing all hardware, software, storage and processing in one site location is called

    A) Centralized Processing

    B) Time-sharing

    C) A distributed system

    D) A host computer

    E) A Network system

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  • question_answer9) A _____ uses laser technology to store large amount of information.

    A) Hard disk

    B) Extended Disc Read-only memory(ED-ROM)

    C) Compact Disc Read only memory (CD-ROM)

    D) Floppy Disk

    E) None of these

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  • question_answer10) Which Key will launch the start button in a computer?

    A) Windows

    B) Esc

    C) Shift

    D) Alt

    E) Ctrl

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  • question_answer11) When sending an e-Mail the____describes the content of the message.

    A) Header

    B) Subject

    C) Footer

    D) Content

    E) CC

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SBI Probationary Officer Exam Held on 29-06-2014
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