Solved papers for 12th Class History Solved Paper - History 2017 Delhi Set-II

done Solved Paper - History 2017 Delhi Set-II Total Questions - 6

  • question_answer1) Explain how different methods of irrigation were developed for agriculture in the Harappan sites.

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  • question_answer2) Why did the Santhals rebel against Zamindars and Colonial Power? Give two reasons.

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  • question_answer3) Describe the contribution of John Marshall in the Indian archaeology.

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  • question_answer4) 'The nobility was recruited consciously by the Mughal rulers from diverse ethnic and religious groups.' Justify.

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  • question_answer5) 'In the late 12th Century, the Chishtis adapted to the local environment and adopted features of Indian devotional traditions.? Explain.

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  • question_answer6) 
    Examine why Quit India Movement was started and how do you think the Quit India Movement was genuinely a mass movement.
    'Oral testimonies and memories are the important sources for constructing the history of partition of India.' Examine the statement.

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Solved Paper - History 2017 Delhi Set-II


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