Solved papers for 12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2019 Outside Delhi Set-III

done Solved Paper - English - 2019 Outside Delhi Set-III Total Questions - 8

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    Respect for law, concern for others and maintaining a clean environment are some of the qualities of a civilized person. It is sad that we do not pay much attention to them. You are Shoma/Sonu. Write a speech in 150-200 words to be delivered in the morning assembly on the topic, 'Importance of Civic Sense'. [10] [2019 OD SET-III]
    Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against the motion: 'Money is the only thing that matters in today's life'.

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    The tendency to use violence at the slightest provocation and thus to solve personal and general problems is growing among people in our society. This is not a civilized way of dealing with the problems. Violence solves no problem; it must be shunned. Write a article in 150-200 words on the topic. You are Shan/ Shobha.                               [10] [2019 OD SET-III]
    The Fine Arts Club of your school celebrated its tenth anniversary in a grand manner. Distinguished artists Pt. Jasraj, Hariprasad Chaurasia and the veteran Kathak dancer Shovana Narayan graced the occasion and enthralled the audience by their mesmerizing compositions. Shovana Narayan's graceful movements were a delight to watch. The function ended with two lilting songs by Shambu, a class 10th student of your school. Write a report in 150-200 words on the event, to be published in your school magazine. You are Sohan/Sakhi, Secretary of the Club.

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    Answer any four of the following questions in 30 - 40 words each:                         [3x4=12]
    (a) What steps did Gandhiji take to remove the cultural and social backwardness in the rural areas of Champaran?                                                                                                    [2019 OD SET-III]

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    (b) Why was the crofter so kind and generous to the peddler?                              [2019 OD SET-III]

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    (c) Give examples from 'Keeping Quiet' to show that Neruda was peace loving.

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    (d) How did Annan's advice to his sister Bama impact her?                                     [2019 OD SET-III]

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    (e) What dilemma did Sadao and his wife face when they saw the wounded American soldier? [2019 OD SET-III]

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    (f) How did Jo want the story narrated by her father to end?                         [2019 OD SET-III]

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Solved Paper - English - 2019 Outside Delhi Set-III


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