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done Solved Paper - English - 2019 Delhi Set-III Total Questions - 11

  • question_answer1) 
    Pick out the words/phrases from the passage which are similar in meaning to the following:        [1x3=3] [2019 D SET-III]
    (i) unsafe (para 2)
    (ii) rubbish/junk (as a noun) (para 3)
    (iii) shaped/formed (para 5)

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  • question_answer2) 
    People like to travel to their places of work in their own cars. It is comfortable and they also reach their destinations more or less in time. However, use of private vehicles leads to pollution and traffic jams and it is expensive also. Air-conditioned public buses, which re smaller in size, seating 15-20 people and tickets, reasonably priced can be a boon for me people. Write an article in 150-200 words on the topic. 'Need of better Public Transport.' You are Resham/Rehana.         [10] [2019 D SET-III]
    Your school held a two-day Diwali Mela in the school grounds. Various food stalls were put up by the students. On the second day, there was a song and dance programme. Prizes were awarded to the participants. However, there were no fire-works. You are Amit/Amrita. Write report on the event in 150-200 words for your school magazine.

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  • question_answer3) 
    Answer any four of the following questions in 30-40 word each:                        [3 x 4 = 12]
    (i) How did M. Hamel make his last lesson a special one? What did he emphasize in it? [3] [2019 D SET-III]

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  • question_answer4) 
    (ii) Which two incidents in the life of William Douglas before he was ten years old created an aversion in his mind to water.                                                                                            [3] [2019 D SET-III]

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  • question_answer5) 
    (iii) Why did Gandhiji not accept C.F. Andrews, help during Champaran movement?             [3] [2019 D SET-III]

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  • question_answer6) 
    (iv) How did the Tiger King manage to kill the hundredth tiger?                             [3] [2019 D SET-III]

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  • question_answer7) 
    (v) What was Hana's role in Dr. Sadao? life when he brought home an injured American soldier?       [3] [2019 D SET-III]

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  • question_answer8) 
    (vi) We can't approve of Jack's attitude toward his wife. Comment. [3] [2019 D SET-III]

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  • question_answer9) 
    Answer any one of the following question in 120-150 words:                 [6] [2019 D SET-III]
    (i) What kind of life did children living in Seemapuri lead?

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  • question_answer10) 
    (ii) How did the crofter tempt the peddler to steal his money? How did it change the peddler's life?

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  • question_answer11) 
    (iii) What did Sophie tell her father and her brother about her meetings with Danny Casey? How did each of them react?

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