Solved papers for 12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2014 Outside Delhi Set-III

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    You are a fitness trainer in a health club. Design a poster in not more than 50 words, to emphasise the importance of exercise in maintaining mental and physical fitness. You are Prem/Priya.
    You have received an invitation to be the judge for a literary competition in St. Ann's School. Send a reply in not more than 50 words, confirming your acceptance. You are Mohan/Mohini.

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    Your brother is going to Chennai to write an entrance exam. You have requested your friend to meet him at the railway station and arrange accommodation for him. As your brother has not seen your friend, give a detailed factual description of your friend in 125-150 words, so that your brother can recognise him easily. You are Parvesh/Parvati.
    A few teachers and students from the Edwin University had visited your school on an exchange programme. You welcomed them grandly. Write a report in 125-150 words on the celebration. You are Brijesh/Benu.

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    You are Annan/Arpita of 14, MG Road, Pune. You had bought the text book. 'Vistas' for class XII from a neighbourhood bookstore. After skimming through the book, you realized that few of the pages were missing and the print overlapped on a few pages. Write a complaint letter in 125-150 words to the Manager, Dawn Books, Lawrence Road, Chennai requesting him for a replacement or refund.
    You had bought an expensive wrist watch last week. Now you realize that it is not functioning properly. Write a letter in 125-150 words to the Manager, Edison Watch Works, New Delhi, complaining about it and requesting him to repair or replace it immediately. You are Gobind/Gopa of 68, Park Street, Kolkata.

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    Answer any one of the following in 100-125 words:
    Gandhiji's was not a loyalty to abstractions; it was a loyalty to living, human beings. Why did Gandhiji continue his stay in Champaran even after Indigo share cropping disappeared?
    Explain the reactions of the servants in Dr. Sadao's house when he decided to give shelter to an enemy in the house.

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Solved Paper - English - 2014 Outside Delhi Set-III


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