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    You are Smrithi Saran of Victoria Public School, Hyderabad. Your school has organised a Science Exhibition in connection with the death anniversary of Ramanujam. Write a notice in not more than 50 words inviting students to participate in it. Provide all the necessary details.                        
    You want to sell off your motor bike which you have been using for five years, as you have decided to buy a car. Write an advertisement, in not more than 50 words, to be published under the classified columns of a national daily. Furnish all the necessary details.

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    You are Sampreet, an educationist. You have noticed that the youth of today are often unable to cope with stress and become frustrated and bitter. Write a speech in 125-150 words to be delivered at a college function on 'Youth, their problems and solutions'.
    After Independence India has seen a steep upward trend in the graph of corruption. The public has often become disgusted and disappointed. As Venkat, a well-known journalist, write a speech in 150-200 words on 'Corruption, its causes and solutions'.

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Solved Paper - English - 2014 Delhi Set-II


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