Solved papers for 12th Class Economics Solved Paper - Economics 2012 Outside Delhi Set-II

done Solved Paper - Economics 2012 Outside Delhi Set-II Total Questions - 8

  • question_answer1) Explain the central problem of 'how to produce'.

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  • question_answer2) A farmer takes a farm on rent and carries on farming with the help of family members. Identify explicit and implicit costs from this information. Explain.

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  • question_answer3) Define a budget line. When can it shift to the right?

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  • question_answer4) A consumer buys 14 units of a good at a price of Rs. 8 per unit. At price Rs. 7 per unit he spends Rs. 98 on the good. Calculate price elasticity of demand by the percentage method. Comment upon the shape of demand curve based on this information.

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  • question_answer5) 
    Find Gross Value Added at Factor Cost:
    (i) Unit of output sold  2,000
    (ii) Price per unit of output (Rs) 20
    (iii) Depreciation (Rs) 2,000
    (iv) Change in stock (Rs)                         (-) 500
    (v) Intermediate costs (Rs) 15,000
    (vi) Subsidy (Rs) 3,000

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  • question_answer6) 
    Find National Income from the following:
    Autonomous Consumption = Rs. 100
    Marginal propensity to consume = 0.60
    Investment = Rs. 200

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  • question_answer7) 
    Giving reason, explain how should the following be treated while estimating national income:
    (i) Expenditure on free services provided by government.
    (ii) Payment of interest by a government firm.            

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  • question_answer8) 
    Find out (a) National Income
    (Rs. crore)
    (i) Net imports (-)10
    (ii) Net domestic fixed capital formation 100
    (iii) Private final consumption expenditure 600
    (iv) Consumption of fixed capital 60
    (v) Change in stocks (-)50
    (vi) Government final consumption expenditure      200
    (vii) Net factor income to abroad 20
    (viii) Net current transfers to abroad 30
    (ix) Net indirect tax 70
    (x) Factor income from abroad 10

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