Railways Quantitative Aptitude Trains Sample Paper Trains Sample Test Paper-13

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    Two trains of equal length take 10 seconds and 15 seconds respectively to cross a telegraph post. If the length of each train be 120 m, in what time (in seconds) will they cross each other travelling in opposite directions?

    A)  12 sec 

    B)  8 sec

    C)  11 sec 

    D)  15 sec

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    [a] Speed of first train \[=\frac{120}{10}=12\,m/s\] Speed of second train \[=\frac{120}{15}=8m/s\] \[\therefore \] \[t=\frac{120+120}{12+8}=\frac{240}{20}=12\,sec\]

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