Railways Quantitative Aptitude Trains Sample Paper Trains Sample Test Paper-13

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    A train travels at the speed of 65 km/hr and halts at 8 junctions for a certain time. It covers a distance of 1300 km in 1 day. How long does the train stop at each junction, if it stops for the same period of time at all the junctions?

    A)  30 min

    B)  35 min

    C)  42 min

    D)  20 min

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    [a] Given, speed = 65 km/hr., distance = 1300 km \[\therefore \] \[Time=\frac{1300}{65}=20\,hrs.\] \[\therefore \] 24 ? 20 = 4 hrs are spent at 4 junctions in stoppage \[\therefore \] Time taken by the train to halt at each station \[=\frac{4\times 60}{8}=30\,\min \]

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