10th Class Social Science Sample Paper Social Studies - Sample Test Paper-10

  • question_answer Match the following.
    1. Sepoy (A) A person employed by the company to recruit workers
    2. Orient (B) Association of craftsman or merchants for supervision and quality control of crafts
    3. Gomastha (C) The countries to the east of Mediterranean
    4. Guild Indian soldier of the British army
    5. Jobber (D) An official appointed by the company to work as its agent to supervise weavers and collect supplies

    A)  1\[\to \]E, 2\[\to \]A, 3\[\to \]C, 4\[\to \]B, 5\[\to \]D

    B)  1\[\to \]D, 2\[\to \]C, 3\[\to \]E, 4\[\to \]B, 5\[\to \]A

    C)  1\[\to \]A, 2\[\to \]C, 3\[\to \]B, 4\[\to \]D, 5\[\to \]E

    D)  1\[\to \]E, 2\[\to \]C, 3\[\to \]A, 4\[\to \]D, 5\[\to \]B

    E)  None of these

    Correct Answer: B


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