6th Class Social Science Sample Paper Social Science Sample Paper-8

  • question_answer           What is a Stupa? Mention its features. 



    (i) The word Stupa means a mound. There are several kinds of stupas, round and tall, big and small which can be found.
    (ii) There is a small box known as a relic casket, placed at the centre or heart of the stupa. This may contain bodily remains (such as teeth, bone or ashes) of Buddha or his followers or the things which they used, as well as precious stones and coins.
    (iii) Often, a path known as the Pradakshina Patha was laid around the stupa. This was surrounded with railings.
    (iv) Entrance to the path was through gateways. Devotees walked around the stupa in a clockwise direction, as a mark of devotion.
    (v) Both railings and gateways were often decorated with sculptures. 


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