8th Class Science Sample Paper Science Sample Paper-9

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    The oviducts of a woman are blocked. So doctor advised her for IVF. 
    (a) What is the full form of IVF?
    (b) Why IVF is suggested to the woman? Justify.
    (c) What do you call these babies born through this technique.


    (a) The full form of IVF is in vitro fertilisation (fertilisation outside the body).                          
    (b) IVF is suggested to the women because she is unable to bear babies because sperms cannot reach the egg for fertilisation. So, in this case doctors advised the woman for IVF. Where freshly released egg and sperms are kept together for few hours in vitro conditions in a test tube or any other apparatus.            
    (c) If in the case, fertilisation occurs, the zygote is allowed to develop for about a week and then it is placed in the mother?s uterus. Complete development takes place in the uterus and the baby is born like any other baby. This technique is called as test tube babies. This term is actually misleading because babies cannot grow in test tubes.              


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