8th Class Science Sample Paper Science Sample Paper-2

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    After observing answer the following.                                                                                             
    (i) Read the following statements and label them in the figure:
    (a) The part which produces female gametes.
    (b) The part where development of the baby takes place.
    (c) The part through which the developing embryo passes to reach the uterus.
    (ii) Explain the future development of the embryo that would take place after it gets embedded in the uterus.


    (i) (a) Ovary (produces gametes)                                                                                      
    (b) Uterus (development of body takes place)                                                                                 
    (c) Oviduct (tube through which embryo reaches uterus)                                                                  
    (ii) The embryo continues to develop after it gets embedded in the uterus. It divides and differentiates into three germ layers which give rise to different body parts such as hands, legs, head, eyes, ears etc. This stage where all the body parts are distinct and easily identified in developing embryo is called foetus. After completion of development of foetus, mother gives birth to baby.


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