Railways Sample Paper RRBs Assistant Loco Pilot and Technician CBT STAGE-I Sample Paper-28

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    If after the payment of \[\frac{3}{4}\]of a loan, Rs. 500 still remain to pay, what is whole amount of the loan?

    A)  Rs. 2000          

    B)  Rs. 2100

    C)  Rs. 1700          

    D)  Rs. 1500

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    Remaining part after the payment of\[\frac{3}{4}\]part \[=1-\frac{3}{4}=\frac{1}{4}\] \[\therefore \]Whole amount of the loan\[=50\div \frac{1}{4}=Rs.\,\,2000\]

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