12th Class Physics Sample Paper Physics Sample Paper-8

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    Explain how radioactive nuclei can emit \[\beta \text{-particles}\]even though atomic nuclei do not contain these particles.


    Beta particle is a high energy particle high speed electron \[({{e}^{-}})\] or positron \[({{e}^{+}})\] emitted in the radioactive decay of an atomic nucleus. The basic nuclear process is the conversion of neutron to proton \[({{\beta }^{-}}-decay)\] or vice-versa \[({{\beta }^{+}}-decay)\] \[{{\beta }^{-}}-decay:_{0}^{1}n\to _{1}^{1}p+_{-1}^{0}{{e}^{-}}+\underset{antineutrino}{\mathop{\overline{v}}}\,\] \[{{\beta }^{+}}-decay:_{1}^{1}p\to _{0}^{1}n+_{1}^{0}{{e}^{+}}+\underset{neutrino}{\mathop{v}}\,\]

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