NEET Sample Paper NEET Sample Test Paper-50

  • question_answer Identify the correct arrangement of periods of Palaeozoic era in ascending order in geological time scale

    A) Cambrian \[\to \] Devonian \[\to \] Ordovician \[\to \] Silurian \[\to \] Carboniferous \[\to \] Permian

    B) Cambrian \[\to \] Ordovician \[\to \] Silurian \[\to \] Devonian \[\to \] Carboniferous \[\to \]Permian

    C) Cambrian \[\to \] Ordovician \[\to \] Devonian \[\to \] Silurian \[\to \] Carboniferous \[\to \] Permian

    D) Silurian \[\to \] Devonian \[\to \] Cambrian \[\to \] Ordovician \[\to \] Permian \[\to \] Carboniferous

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Palaeozoic era is the ancient life. The correct arrangement of periods of this era is Cambrian \[\to \] Ordovician (age of invertebrates) \[\to \] Silurian \[\to \] Devonian (age of fishes) \[\to \] Carboniferous (age of Amphibians) \[\to \] Permian.


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