NEET Sample Paper NEET Sample Test Paper-34

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    A particle is executing SHM according to the equation \[x=A\,\sin (\omega t+\phi ).\]. At any time t, it is found that the total phase of the particle is \[\frac{7\pi }{6}\] then the particle is at :-                         

    A)  \[x=A/2\]and moving in \[+\text{ }x\]direction             

    B)  \[x=-A/2\]and moving in \[-\text{ }x\]direction

    C)  \[x=A/2\]and moving in \[-\text{ }x\] direction

    D)  \[x=-A/2\]and moving in \[-\text{ }x\]direction

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    Phase angle \[\frac{7\pi }{6}=\pi +\frac{\pi }{6}\] Particle is moving towards \[-x\]direction Instantaneous displacement \[x=A\,\sin \frac{7\pi }{6}=-\frac{A}{2}\]

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