SSC Economics Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-5

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    Which one of the following is not an immediate indicator of Industrial Sickness?

    A)  Drop in profitability       

    B)  Labour unrest

    C)  Shrinking of market credit

    D)  Decline in market share

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    [d] some of the symptoms of industrial sickness are as follows: (1) Reduced working capital, fall in sales / profit, rapid increase of debtors, frequent liquidity problems, wiping out of capital reserve, (2) High managerial and labour turnover, labour unrest, (3) Rise in complaints from staffs and customers, (4) Unfavourable market development, (5) Rise in finished product inventory, (6) Decline in productivity, (7) Difficulty in paying salaries, bills, loans, taxes, bank interests, etc.

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