SSC History Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-5

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    The historical reason for the Sufi saints isolating themselves from society was that

    A)  Their mystical doctrine of union with God through love was regarded as heretical and attacked by orthodox Islam

    B)  They preached escapism and worldly detachment

    C)  They found a congenial atmosphere for nurturing their ideas in India, away from social surroundings.

    D)  Their views were unacceptable to the general masses

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    [a] Prominent mystical writer Ibn Arabi, author of the Journey to the Lord of Power, the first important manual of Islamic mysticism addresses the aspiring seeker and says, "the first disposition must be solitude: Seclusion from people will become inevitable for you and preference for retreat over human associations, for the extent of your distance from creation is the extent of your closeness to God, outwardly and inwardly."

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