SSC General Science & Technology Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-2

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    A thermostat is a device for:

    A)  Switching off an electrical appliance

    B)  Measuring temperature

    C)  Regulating temperature

    D)  Producing heat

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    [c] A thermostat is a component of which senses the temperature of a system so that the system's temperature is maintained near a desired set point. The thermostat does this by switching heating or cooling devices on or off, or regulating the flow of a heat transfer fluid as needed, to maintain the correct temperature. Thermostats are used in any device or system that heats or cools to a set point temperature, examples include building heating, central heating, air conditioner, HVAC system, as   well as kitchen equipment including ovens and refrigerators and medical and scientific incubators.

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