SSC General Science & Technology Sample Paper NCERT Sample Paper-2

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    When a person enters a dark room from bright light, he is not able to see clearly for a little while because the

    A)  Distance between the lens and retina takes time to adjust

    B)  Eye is unable to adjust itself immediately

    C)  Iris is unable to dilate the pupil immediately

    D)  Retina becomes insensitive momentarily

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    [c] The iris plays an important role in the proper functioning of the eye. Its job is to control the amount of light that enters the eye through your pupil, which is the opening in the middle of the iris that looks like a black circle. The amount of light can vary wildly throughout the day and into the night. Your pupils respond and react accordingly as light levels fluctuate. The size of the pupil can change in size from as little as 1.5 millimeters to over 8 millimeters in diameter.

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