2nd Class Mathematics Sample Paper Maths Olympiad Model Test Paper-20

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    Steve covers a distance of \[\left[ 40 \right]\] kilometre in \[\left[ 3 \right]\]hours and \[\left[ 45 \right]\] minutes whereas Smith covers same distance in\[\left[ 1 \right]\,\,hour\,\,\left[ 55 \right]\,\,minutes\]. How much more time does Steve take than Smith?

    A)  \[\left[ 1 \right]\,\,hour\,\,\left[ 25 \right]\,\,minutes\]

    B)  \[\left[ 1 \right]\,\,hour\,\,\left[ 35 \right]\,\,minutes\]

    C)  \[\left[ 1 \right]\,\,hour\,\,\left[ 45 \right]\,\,minutes\]

    D)  \[\left[ 1 \right]\,\,hour\,\,\left[ 50 \right]\,\,minutes\]

    Correct Answer: D

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