6th Class Mathematics Sample Paper Mathematics Sample Paper-4

  • question_answer In a village, there are 8 water tanks to collect rain water. On a particular day, \[x\,L\]of rain water is collected per tank. If 100 L of water was already there in one of the tanks. What is the total amount of water in the tanks on that day?


    According to the question Tanks to collect rain water = 8 Rain water is collected per tank (in L) = x Then, total rain water in tanks (in L) = Number of tanks \[\times \] Per tank collected rain water \[=8\times x=8x\]. But in the one tank, already 100 L of water exist, then Total amount of water is given by = 100 + [total rain water in L] \[=100+8x\] or \[(8x+100)\text{ }L\]

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