6th Class Mathematics Sample Paper Mathematics Sample Paper-4

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    Write in expanded form:
    (a) 74836                      
    (b) 574021
    (c) 8907010


    Expanded form of given numbers are
    (a) \[74836=7\times 10000+4\times 1000\]
                \[+8\times 100+3\times 10+6\times 1\]
    (b) \[574021=5\times 100000+7\times 10000\]
    \[+4\times 1000+0\times 100+2\times 10+1\times 1\]
    (c) \[8907010=8\times 1000000+9\times 100000+\]
    \[0\times 10000+7\times 1000+0\times 100+1\times 10+0\times 1\]

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