6th Class Mathematics Sample Paper Mathematics Sample Paper-4

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    Meera went to a park 150 m long and 80 m wide. She took on complete round of its boundary. What is the distance covered by her?


    Let ABCD is a park whose lengths are BC, AD and widths are AB, CD, respectively. Hence, AB = CD = 80 m. and BC = DA = 150m Now, the sum of the lengths of four sides \[=AB+BC+CD+DA\] \[=80\text{ }m+150\text{ }m+80\text{ }m+150\text{ }m\] \[=(80+150+80+150)\text{ }m=460\text{ }m\] \[\therefore \] Perimeter of the park = sum of the lengths of four sides of the park = 460 m Hence, distance covered by Meera is 460 m.

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