6th Class Mathematics Sample Paper Mathematics Sample Paper-3

  • question_answer Namita travels 20 km 50 m every day. Out of this she travels 10 km 200 m by bus and the rest by auto. How much distance does she travel by auto?


    Distance travelled by Namita in a day\[=20\text{ km }50\text{ m}=20\text{ km}+50\text{ m}\]                                                        \[=20+\left( \frac{50}{1000} \right)\text{km}\]                                                                            \[=(20+0.050)km\] Distance travelled by bus = 10 km 200 m              \[=10\,\text{km+}\left( \frac{200}{1000} \right)\text{km}\]                                                           \[=10\,\text{km+0}\text{.200}\,\text{km}\]                                                      Distance travelled by auto = 20.050 km ? 10.200 km = 9.850 km = 9 km 850m.        

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