8th Class Mathematics Sample Paper Mathematics Sample Paper - 3

  • question_answer Construct a quadrilateral ABCD, given AB = 5-1 cm, AD = 4 cm, BC = 2.5 cm, \[\angle A\text{ }=\text{ }60{}^\circ \]and \[\angle B\text{ }=\text{ }85{}^\circ .\]


    Steps of Construction:
    (a) Draw AB = 5-1 cm.
    (b) Construct \[\angle XAB\text{ }=\text{ }60{}^\circ \]at A.
    (c) With A as centre and radius AD = 4 cm, cut off AD = 4 cm along AX.                                                    
    (d) Construct \[\angle ABY\text{ }=\text{ }85{}^\circ \]at B.
    (e) With B as centre and radius BC = 2.5 cm cut off BC = 2.5 cm along BY.
    (f) Join CD.
    Thus, ABCD is the required quadrilateral.    


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