6th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper-8

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    Write a short paragraph on any one of the following:
    (i) A Rainy Day
    (ii) What I Enjoy Doing Most in My Leisure Time
    (iii) Morning Assembly in My School                                


    A Rainy Day
    One early morning in June, I rose from my bed. I heard the cries of hawkers selling milk, butter and cheese. The weather was hot. All of a sudden, it became quite still. It grew difficult even to breathe. This state of affairs lasted for about half an hour. Then the dark clouds, which hung across the sky, came nearer. The sky was filled with grey and yellow dust. Then a cool, moist wind that smells of rain began to blow. The storm clouds thickened. The wind came in gusts. The roll of thunder grew louder, and the flashes of lightning more vivid. Then the rain poured down heavily. The heavy rain pelted down, and the wind blew with fury. At last the storm relaxed. The earth was wet and soft.
    What I Enjoy Doing Most in My Leisure Time
    Whenever I get leisure time I enjoy gardening. I am a great lover of nature and therefore, I spend most of my leisure time in my garden, though a small one. It is in the compound of my house. I take keen interest in preparing the soil for sowing several seeds by digging and manuring it. I am equally fond of growing flowers. In my garden one can see beautiful roses, dahlias, marigolds, lilies, etc. I love to study among these beautiful flowers. I feel highly concentrated in my garden especially when I study. I am fond of green vegetables such as lady?s fingers, pumpkin and cucumber. I grow them in abundance.
    My grandparents and parents are fond of growing bitter-gourds. Therefore, I grow them too. I enjoy watering these plants. I closely watch their steady growth. I keep my garden neat and clean.
    Morning Assembly in My School
    Morning Assembly is a very important normal. It is also a part of the age-old culture of our country. Every new work starts with prayers to our gods. So it happens in a school too. Schools are like our temples. Students and teachers stand in rows. They say prayers before starting the day?s work. The scene is very calm and peaceful. All students stand in rows in school uniform. In many schools, some physical training is also given in the morning assembly. Important information is also given to the students by the Principal. In my school each class conducts the assembly. They follow a topic or a theme and all the activities are based on it. Beautiful skits and songs are presented. Thus the beginning of the day is very enjoyable.

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