6th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper-8

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    Why did the farmer's wife kill the mongoose? What made her angry after killing the mongoose?
    What was difference between Miss Beam's school and the other schools?


    When the farmer's wife returned home with a basketful of groceries, she noticed that the face and paws of the mongoose were smeared with blood, she was scared. She thought that the mongoose had killed her baby. She hit the mongoose with her basket full of groceries. It was a hard blow and the mongoose died on the spot. After words, she came to know that her baby was asleep. She saw a black snake lying dead on the floor. Seeing it, the farmer's wife realised her mistake that she had killed the mongoose out of rage, which saved her baby's life. She ran out looking for the mongoose. She touched the dead animal and cried to show her sorrow. She was full of remorse
    This was a unique idea of Ms. Beam to have a different school from other schools because her school taught moral values, thoughtfulness and kindness apart from general study, while all other schools focus on teaching subjects and their syllabus. Miss Beam thought that it was important for children to understand misfortune and sufferings of others. They should not only understand but also feel and share the misfortune of others in order to make themselves responsible citizens. The teaching methods of the school were quite different from other schools. Children also used to follow all the instructions given to them from time to time.

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