6th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper-3

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    Write a short paragraph on any one of the following:
    (i) Importance of Newspaper
    (ii) My Neighbour
    (iii) Scene at a Railway Station             


    Importance of Newspapers The world has progressed at a tremendous pace. Information technology has reached its Zenith. News travels all over the world in no time. But even now the morning newspaper is still an integral part of our lives. It is still an important medium of communication.
    A newspaper gives us all the current news of what is happening around us and all over the world. Reading a newspaper everyday not only keeps us informed of all the happenings across the globe and within our country but it also improves our language. Newspapers are printed in all languages. Through the newspaper we come to know about the new products that are in the market via the advertisements.
    They say, a pen is mightier than a sword, through the articles published in a newspaper, we can express our thoughts and ideas. Thus, a newspaper provides us with a lot of knowledge.
    My Neighbour Mr Anuj Kaushik is my next door neighbour. He is a gentleman to the core. He is thirty eight years old and possesses a good personality. Mr Verma is jolly by nature and very polite. He wakes up early in the morning and goes regularly for a walk. He is quite popular in our locality. He is fond of reading and maintains a personal library at home. He is very helpful too. When there is any problem with anyone in the neighborhood, he is the first to reach there. On a holiday children gather around him in a nearby park. He tells them stories of brave children and people. He enriches us about good hobbies and healthy habits. He even plays with us. What a nice man Mr. Kaushik is! I like him very much.
    Scene at a Railway Station Scene at a railway station gives one an opportunity to peep into people's various kinds of behaviour. Yesterday I went to our city railway station to receive my father, who was coming from Lucknow. What I saw there was a mix of many activities. On the platform men/ women and children were moving here and there. Some were waiting for their train. They were sitting near their luggage and chit-chating. There was crowd on the tea stalls and book stalls. People were surfing through magazines. When a train arrived, passengers rushed to the compartments jostling with each other. The passengers alightning from the train were having a hard time to get down. Coolies were seen carrying luggage on their heads. Hawkers were shouting for selling their eatables and other products. Some corners presented a repulsive sight where garbage was littered. In the meantime my father's train arrived. I spotted my father standing at the train door. I waved at him. He got down and we started for home. The scene at the railway station was funny, but educative.                                        


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