8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 2

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    Read the following conversation and write the message in about 50 words.                                                     
    Rama Hello ! Is it 3404040?
    lahita Yes please. May I know who is speaking?
    Rama I am Rama, your aunty. Where is your mother?
    Ishita Mother is away to attend a funeral ceremony.
    Rama Will you convey a message to her?
    Ishita Yes aunty.
    Rama: Please tell her that I will not be coming to Ludhiana this week as Aman has his papers. Tell her that I shall come next weekend definitely.
    Ishita: O.K. aunty. I shall convey the message.
    Rama: O.K. Dear. Bye.    


    2nd February, 20XX
    11.00 p.m.
    Dear Mom,
    Rama aunty rang up intimating that she would not come to Ludhiana this weekend because of Aman?s papers. She would come next weekend definitely.

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